Texte zum Thema „Choreografie“

You Cannot make Mistakes, it’s Art!

25. Februar 2021
Dear readers, dear students, and dear colleagues, before I begin translating my thoughts into written words, I would like to make a short remark: This is not an academic text; it is chaos, a long poem comprised of thoughts and experiences to be delivered and shared; it is a letter to the students I am working with; it is the wish to reflect upon the process of sharing knowledge and its relation to my own artistic practice; it is an attempt to describe and structure my teaching methodology for dance and choreography. Since I started working as an ‘artist-teacher’ in academic institutes, I have been asking myself: how can I share my own artistic practice to support students throughout their learning process? How is my artistic intuition entangled with the theoretical and practical concerns of students of education, media, culture and human sciences? This text responds to this open-ended question, with many different answers: How to share my artistic interest and methodology, and what is my role as an ‘artist-teacher’ within the academic structure?